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Installing Apache/Mapserver/PHP/Mapscript on linux (installing FGS)

Installing Apache/Mapserver/PHP/Mapscript on linux (installing FGS)

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If you don't already have a working Mapserver running on your linux system then FGS (FOSS GIS Suite) is likely your best bet. It will easily install a standalone Apache server with Mapserver and PHP already working. Read about it at
Installing FGS should be as simple as the following:
Note: A popular place to install FGS is at /opt/fgs. Or you could do it in your home directory. - I believe that the install script will detect if you already have a web server running and will default to an unused port number. If you do have a server already running on port 80 them make sure you give the installer an unused port.
  • echo ". /opt/fgs/" >> ~/.bashrc
  • /opt/fgs/www/bin/apachectl start
That should do it. You should now be able to add all your web content to /opt/fgs/www/htdocs, including PHP files.
Now, to install ka-Map check out: Preparing ka-Map

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